SleepView Web Portal

Our Web Portal offers prescribing physicians secure, HIPAA compliant, online access to patients’ sleep test raw data, scoring by registered polysomnographic technologists, and professional interpretation with treatment recommendations by board-certified sleep physicians.

  • HIPAA COMPLIANT- Offers secure connectivity to patient’s sleep test data, scoring, and interpretation.
  • AASM COMPLIANT ACCESS TO RAW DATA- Proper sleep study interpretation with over-read by sleep technologists and board-certified sleep physicians.
  • TIMELY DELIVERY- Automatic email notifications.
  • WEB APPLICATION- No need to email studies or reports
  • CONVENIENT- More comfort for patients, ease in testing. Cost benefits for the payer.
  • AASM COMPLIANT HOME SLEEP MONITOR- SleepView records physiologcial data while the patient sleeps in the comfort of home, and works hand-in-hand with the eCrystal PSG web portal.

How SleepView Web Portal Works

STEP 1 : Suspecting OSA, the physician determines patient’s candidacy for home sleep testing. A home sleep test is ordered for the patient.

STEP 2 : Patient self-administers home sleep test in the comfort and convenience of their own home and bed.

STEP 3 : The patient’s sleep test data is checked into the web portal and scored by an RPSGT.

STEP 4 : Every sleep test is then interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician. Sleep test reports are finalized with the overread and electronic signature of a board-certified Sleep Physician.

STEP 5 : Follow-up discussions are held with patient to evaluate their test results for treatment options and long-term management.