Pressure Sensors

HOFFRICHTER's differential pressure sensors combine the high quality of the capacitive principle with the economic advantages of other technologies.

The sensors are made of a ceramic component and an integrated electronic part both built in a box consisting of hardly flammable material.

Only a single voltage supply between 10 V and 18 V is necessary. The range of the output voltage is between 0 V and 10 V. The pressure sensors can also be operated with a dual voltage supply, e.g. ± 5 V and a bipolar output signal is also possible.

  • Industrial process control
  • Medical technology
  • Clean room technology
  • Flow measuring
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Leakage measurement
  • extreme maximum overload
  • high signal to noise ratio
  • offset stability < 400 ppm/K
  • linearity fault < 0,30 %
  • chamber volume < 25 µl