Geratherm CPET


Metabolic unit for reliable and accurate Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing with integrated 12-Lead Rest- and Stress-ECG

  • Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis
  • Flowsensor with new variable orifice design offering extreme low dead space
  • Full integration into diagnostic software platform Blue Cherry
  • Automatic detection of anaerobic threshold (AT) and respiratory compensation point (RCP)
  • Smart Report Technology providing flexible, user defined Reports
  • Wasserman Interpretation chart
  • Automatic BTPS adjustment
  • Full Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post and bronchial challenge test)
  • Integrated Pulsoximetry (optional)
  • Training Planer (optional)
  • Integrated 12 Lead Rest- and Stress-ECG
  • Integrated Polar Heart Rate receiver (optional)
  • Indirect Calorimetry (optional)
  • Resting Energy Expenditure REE (optional)


Connect the SpO2stik and turn your PC into a Pulsoxymeter

  • Connect via USB
  • Full integration into diagnostic software platform Blue Cherry
  • Proven Technology to ensure precise and reliable testing – even under the most aggravating circumstances
  • Ear sensor (optional)
  • Automatic SpO2 testing during Spirometry
User Manual


Small USB unit for wireless transfer of heart rate from a Polar belt into Blue Cherry

  • Connect via USB
  • Full integration into diagnostic software platform Blue Cherry
  • Using the latest W.I.N.D technology for interference free transmission


Software module to determine easy and precise energy consumption under resting conditions

  • Measure REE and additional metabolic parameter (VO2, VCO2, RER,KH,FETT) using indirect calorimetry
  • Using reusable mask or canopy hood (optional)
  • User definable and flexible configuration of sampling interval and averaging

Blue Cherry

Diagnostic software platform for pulmonary and cardiopulmonary function testing

  • Simple installation procedure
  • Clear graphical display
  • Easy and flexible expansion
  • GDT and HL7-Interface
  • Full network compatible
  • Powerful SQL database for easy data management and statistical analysis